Brad Vincent

annyeonghaseyo nae ileum-eun beulaedeu…Okay, that is the extent of my Korean. I am Brad Vincent, originally from Sacramento, California, now calling Northern Nevada home. My trek to the mic has been a journey, better yet, a quest beginning in the United States Army, sending me through mazes, jungles, across the Atlantic through the silt sands of Jordan, a float through the Red Sea leading to a detour in logistics before eventually landing at the University of Nevada Reno where wise scholars guided me to a career in Radio. Life has been a journey, and that’s how I intend it to be. In my little free time, I like to spend my time at the motocross track, catching a late-night workout (not a morning person), planning my next overseas trip, squawking VFR 1200, or broadcasting on Oakland Center 126.3. Aviation is a primary passion of mine, and I am diligently working towards my commercial license. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for listening to your number 1 station for old school 95.5 THE VIBE.