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Election advice from the voter hotline expert

American democracy feels at full-on risk. There are threats people face when trying to vote by mail, the potential for voter intimidation, voter suppression, the threat of voting during a pandemic and more. CNN reached out to the nonpartisan group that tracks problems at the polls — the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights. They’re also…MORE

Wendy’s quietly released a new fried chicken sandwich

Wendy’s quietly released a new fried chicken sandwich

Wendy’s is reentering the fried chicken sandwich battle with a new competitor. The chain has a rolled out the Classic Chicken Sandwich, which features a crispier and juicier fried-chicken filet compared to its predecessor and is topped with mayo, a slice of tomato, lettuce, and pickles — all placed on a toasted bun. The sandwich…MORE

HBO Max adds another 8.6 million US subscribers

HBO Max — WarnerMedia’s answer to Netflix, Disney+ and the like — is catching on quickly. The company doubled the number of new HBO Max subscribers last quarter and now has 38 million HBO and HBO Max customers. That’s enough to surpass HBO’s year-end target. AT&T, which owns CNN parent company WarnerMedia and the fledgling…MORE

‘Selfish and reckless.’ Nearly 700 economists strongly oppose Trump’s reelection

Nearly 700 economists, including seven Nobel winners, are urgently warning against the reelection of President Donald Trump, citing what they describe as a “sustained assault” on democracy, a bumbled response to the pandemic and the spread of “dangerous misinformation.” “In just one term in office, Donald Trump has rendered the United States unrecognizable, and has…MORE

After leaving Venezuela, one will vote for Trump, the other Biden

American politics have taken on a déjà-vu feeling for Venezuelan-Americans, many of whom say the 2020 race recalls the decades-long political fractures experienced back home by millions of Venezuelans. Ever since former president Hugo Chavez took power in 1998, Venezuelans have been divided between those who supported him, dubbed chavistas, and those who opposed him,…MORE

5 things to watch for in the final Trump-Biden presidential debate

5 things to watch for in the final Trump-Biden presidential debate

Time is running out on President Donald Trump. He is trailing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in most national and battleground state polls, making Thursday night’s debate the incumbent’s last best chance to change the trajectory of a race that, with less than two weeks to run, appears to favor the challenger. After an initial…MORE